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What Are Biometric Access Control Systems

What Are Biometric Access Control Systems?

Biometric access control systems are a way of securing commercial buildings or areas within those buildings from unauthorized personnel. They work via a biometric input, such as a fingerprint reader or an iris scanner, storing that biological data. This data can permit entry to authorized individuals by requiring them to provide matching biometric data. Biometric access systems offer more security and several other advantages over more traditional security systems. What Are The Benefits Of Installing…

Someone Just Broke Into My Business - What Should I Do

Someone Just Broke Into My Business! What Should I Do?

Somebody breaking into your business can be an incredibly traumatic experience; it can be easy to become overwhelmed if this happens, but that shouldn’t stop you from following the necessary steps. By understanding the immediate actions you should take, you can quickly make the situation more manageable and protect yourself from break-ins in the future. Call The Police As soon as you’ve confirmed there was a break-in, you should call the police immediately. While this…

How Do I Detect Locksmith Scams

How Do I Detect Locksmith Scams?

Scammers seem to be everywhere these days, so it’s important that you keep your eye out for people looking to exploit you, especially regarding traditional tradesman jobs such as locksmithing. Many people may think about calls and emails when they consider scams, but an increasing number of scams are coming from so-called ‘cowboy builders’. To ensure that any household job is done correctly by a licensed professional, there are certain measures you can take. It’s…

How Do Magnetic Locks Work

How Do Magnetic Locks Work?

There are many different kinds of locks to choose from when securing your business, and with so much choice, it can be a challenge to pick the best one for you. Magnetic locks are some of the most popular types chosen because they can be used on a range of doors and come with many benefits. A magnetic lock uses an electric current to produce a magnetic force. When energized, the electromagnet is attracted to…

Why Invest In Commercial Access Control

Why Invest In Commercial Access Control?

Many business owners struggle to figure out which security measures to implement in their businesses. It can be challenging to decide which security measure is worth the investment with so many options available. Commercial access control is beneficial for businesses operating across Toronto and the GTA. It comes with many security benefits and is definitely worth the investment. What Is Access Control? Commercial access control provides enhanced security to your business. This security system allows…