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Commercial Locksmith

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Our reliable team of commercial locksmiths in Etobicoke (Toronto) will take care of all the complexities of commercial lock and security systems. We can service every kind of commercial property, including real estate developments, commercial buildings, commercial properties, and institutional properties like government buildings, hospitals, and more. Learn more about our commercial security solutions for your business.

Residential Locksmith

residential home

Our residential locksmiths take care of all the locking and security needs in your home. Be it changing locks, mailbox keys, lock repair, or any other service, you can rely on our team at Lock-Up Services. Learn more about how we can provide high-quality locksmith services and security solutions for your home today.

Emergency Locksmith

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Locked out of your house? Security system not opening the doors in your commercial building? Let our emergency locksmiths take care of it! Our professionals can handle your stressful emergency with our 24 Hour Emergency Road Service. Learn more about our emergency service or contact us now!


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    Why Should You Use a Locksmith?

    The lock on a door is one of those pieces of technology that has been with us for centuries and has remained an important part of our daily life. A properly working lock represents security and peace of mind. It should mean, once it is set in place and put to use, that the things that matter most to a home or business owner, are now protected. A good lock means that no one but the rightful residents, owners, or operators have the proper access to that location. That is where our team at Lock-Up Services comes in. We want to keep your family, home, and business safe, which is why we only provide the highest quality of installation, maintenance, and repairs. We provide our clients in Etobicoke (Toronto) with honest, reliable, and affordable solutions.

    Why Should You Choose Lock-Up Services?

    Lock-Up Services Inc. is a proud, local family business that has been serving Toronto’s home and business owners for over 50 years. From our humble beginnings in 1967, we have grown into one of the leading team of locksmiths in Etobicoke (Toronto). We take your family, home, and business seriously, which is why we are continuously growing, adapting, and innovating to include the latest technology and security measures.

    No Job Too Small

    Lock-Up Services is a family-owned and operated Etobicoke locksmith business, which means we never forget the importance of family or think of a job as too small. We understand the absolute sanctity of the home, and we are always happy to help out Toronto residents with their lock and key needs. This means that we still help out homeowners with the little things like making a new key if one is lost, installing hinges, and, of course, installing the locks on a new home.

    It also means, that we have been keeping pace with the latest developments in security, and this is something that affects everyone with a door they would like to restrict access to. There are still plenty of homes in Etobicoke, and the other areas of Toronto, that operate on a traditional lock and key mechanism. However, in the present digital age, there are new systems available even to private residences that do away with keys and locks entirely.

    What does this mean for homeowners? Even the ability to pick a lock is that much harder when traditional lock-picks have no means to access the lock and open a door. This is something we can do even for private residents; it is not just something available only to the biggest businesses, the safety of a family can benefit from this too.

    No Job Too Big

    Of course, when you are as committed to quality results and customer satisfaction as we are, your name gets around, and your business grows. That has happened for us as a trusted locksmith in Etobicoke (Toronto), we now help not just residents at home but also projects of a larger scope and scale. Businesses, whether retail, commercial, or industrial, benefit greatly from having secure locks and systems of access and entry that make operations more efficient and secure.

    Lock-Up Services has even expanded its operations to meet larger projects such as real estate development and entire buildings that need to ensure durable, reliable security and peace of mind. For jobs such as this, only the latest in security access technology and a team of trained, experienced professionals will do to maintain both quality and security.

    Growing With You

    The technology behind door and locking mechanisms remained largely the same for centuries, but in the present day, things have evolved considerably. New security and access systems allow people at home or at work to control access to a building without even needing a key that fits into a lock. For businesses and other commercial or industrial ventures, sometimes the best doors are also doors that meet specific needs, such as automatic door operation or barrier-free door systems.

    This type of technology goes far beyond the simple key and lock systems of old, and in some cases can make a building not just safer, but even more efficient for business operations. Installation and maintenance of these systems take experience, knowledge, training, and expertise. Lock-Up Services has worked hard over the years to provide top-quality service to every customer that comes to us, whether it is a family wanting a more convenient, safer lock for their home or a warehouse looking for better systems to handle both their personnel doors, cargo doors, and even garage doors.

    Here To Help

    Sometimes things can go wrong at the most unexpected times and people need help. If it is a lock-related problem for the home or business, Lock-Up Services is here to help! We maintain a 24-hour emergency road service to help those in need of locksmith services. We understand how important it is to gain access to your property when something goes wrong, we strive to provide both quick and professional responses to the emergency situations that people need addressed.

    If you are looking for an Etobicoke (Toronto) locksmith that you can trust your home or business access needs to, you have found it. Lock-Up Services has been a trusted locksmith for decades, steadily growing in reputation and service area, mainly due to our refusal to compromise on the quality of our work or the security of our customers. If you need a locksmith for your home or business, contact us, you will receive professional results, quality work, and the peace of mind your home or business deserves.

    About Us

    Founded in 1967, Lock-up Services has been providing reliable locksmith services in Etobicoke and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. As modern techniques continuously improve, our company is advancing and innovating alongside them. Our locksmiths have expertise in not only traditional services like key and lock replacement, but advanced security systems for commercial and industrial complexes as well.


    Our more traditional residential locksmith services are at the highest industry level possible, and we are proud to be one of the few companies in Ontario certified to handle automatic door operators and barrier-free door systems. We are proud to be the first choice for Toronto’s commercial and residential services.