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5 Advantages To Installing An Automatic Door Opener At Your Business

Barrier-Free Door Systems For Your Business

An automatic door opener is an electronic system that slowly opens a door after a button is pressed. This kind of door does not need to be physically handled for it to be opened and it comes with lots of benefits.

How Do Automatic Door Openers Work?

An automatic door opener is triggered by an actuator button. When this button is pressed, a motor inside the door operates a swing function and slowly moves the door into an open position. The motion can be halted if the door hits something.

Advantages To Installing Automatic Door Openers

Automatic door openers have lots of advantages, including additional business security. Take a look below to learn about all of the advantages of automatic door openers to see if you want to book an appointment with a locksmith in Toronto to have one fitted!

They Are Convenient

Installing an automatic door opener is a convenient way of reducing traffic build-up. More people can move through the door at a time creating less congestion in your workplace, and keeping crowds to a minimum.

They’re also really convenient to install. A Toronto locksmith will have one fitted in no time when you schedule an appointment.

They Are Great For Accessibility

People want to see automatic door openers in your business because it means you’re working to make your business as accessible as possible. People who have disabilities will find doors easier to operate and installing an automatic door opener means your business will comply with Ontario regulations.

The Public Prefers Automatic Door Openers

In surveys, it is regularly found that customers and clients expect to see automatic door openers in all kinds of businesses. If it is something people respond well to, it can only help your business to install them!

Automatic Door Openers Are Safe & Secure

Installing an automatic door opener can enhance the safety and security of your property. The motor mechanism means that your door will always be closed properly after use and fits snuggly in the door frame. Non-automatic doors may be left open by mistake or may not close properly.

In addition, automatic door openers move slowly to enhance the safety of the motion. This means these doors are safe and will prevent accidents where clients get injured by opening or closing doors.

They Make A Business Look More Professional

Lastly, automatic door openers make your business look professional and welcoming. They tell your customers that you have taken the time to have an Etobicoke locksmith come out and fit a door opener that enhances the accessibility, safety, and security of your business. It shows you care about clients and customers and tells them that you take pride in your professional image.

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