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Commercial Automatic Door Openers Toronto

Commercial automatic door openers Toronto are perfect for schools, apartment lobbies, and storefronts. If you own one of these commercial buildings and want to provide better accessibility to the public, it’s worth investing in our barrier free systems.

In 2011, Ontario passed sweeping full workplace access regulations. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) states that all businesses in the Province of Ontario must have automatic door entrance operators for disabled citizens and barrier-free door locking systems that can only be serviced by bonded and accredited locksmiths, like the team from Lock-Up Services Inc.

At Lock-Up Services, we have professional locksmiths who can assist you with commercial automatic door openers in Toronto. Our team only uses high-quality security products that make your building secure and accessible.

Barrier Free Systems Toronto

Creating barrier free systems in Toronto allows people with disabilities to access commercial buildings with fewer complications. Automatic door openers, especially in crowded commercial settings, will open without unnecessary buttons or pushing mechanics. This means that anyone can enter your building through an automatic door.

Lock-Up Services believes it’s important to install automatic doors for your business. They don’t limit anyone and can also increase the number of customers entering your commercial property, meaning it has various benefits for your business in the long term.

Some notable benefits of barrier free systems in Toronto include:

  • You can integrate them with alarm systems
  • They are secure and reliable
  • Suitable for handicapped individuals
  • They provide more convenience to your business and the public
  • Reduces annual heating and cooling expenses
  • Prevents air conditioning from escaping outside
  • They make your business look more appealing

Automatic Door Opener Installation

At Lock-Up Services, our mission is to provide automatic door opener installation for commercial businesses that require accessible entry. By installing automatic doors, we can make people’s lives easier when they’re in a rush or unable to manually open a door. This simple installation can quickly enhance your business.

Our experts will examine your surroundings to ensure the automatic doors have enough room to open and close. Then, we can mount the door opener before doing timely inspections to ensure the doors work, especially for those with disabilities.

Barrier-free systems are made easier with Lock-Up Services, so it’s worth getting in touch with our Toronto locksmiths.

Automatic Door Opener Repair

While we do automatic door opener installations, we can also repair many automatic doors in commercial buildings. Our team will visit your property and inspect the doors to locate the problem. It might sound like a complicated process, but we have enough experience in repairing technical systems.

Each automatic door opener has an electric motor surrounded by other systems that may look confusing at first. However, being certified locksmiths in the greater Toronto area, we can get to the root of the issue quickly by examining the hardware and checking for any circuit failures in the opening and closing functions.

We can also handle emergency repairs for buildings that require 24-hour security, such as schools and storefronts.

Choose Lock-Up Services For a Complete Barrier-Free System

Lock-Up Services understands that not every business will understand where to start with automatic door openers, but we can do the hard work for you. Our team of professional, dedicated locksmiths can transform your commercial property into an accessible environment for everyone, no matter their physical capabilities.

Contact us today for commercial automatic door openers, and we can help you make your business more accessible.


Here are frequently asked questions regarding commercial automatic door openers Toronto:

How Long Does It Take To Install Automatic Door Openers?

It should take less than three to four hours to install commercial automatic door openers in Toronto, depending on the type of doors you have and where they’re located. For automatic door opener repairs, it might take longer because we have to locate the problem first.

How Does The Automatic Door System Work?

Automatic door openers have a barrier-free system containing a controller. This mechanism receives an activation signal from the sensor, which activates the electric motor to open the door.

What Are The Advantages Of Commercial Automatic Door Openers?

The main benefits of commercial automatic door openers Toronto are that they are convenient and accessible, meaning people can access the building with ease. These openers also require minimal maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary costs.