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Commercial Locksmith Services in the GTA

Successful Toronto businesses have many needs. You must balance your operating budget against the profits that you make. Regardless of the type of commercial venture you have, you also need to consider the safety and well-being of not just employees, but your clients as well. On top of these many considerations, you also must take into account security for your business as well as the means of access to your building.

When it comes to the accessibility and security of your business, many of these factors fall to your humble door to resolve. It is the door that allows people in and out, but it is how the door is built and designed that can play a huge role in the safety and security of your commercial operation. This is where an experienced Toronto commercial locksmith like Lock-Up Services plays a pivotal role in your building’s security.

A Reputation For Commercial Quality

Lock-Up Services Inc. is a proudly Canadian, proudly local, family owned and operated business that has been serving Toronto for over 50 years. What started as a small, earnest business venture by master locksmith Ron Wright back in 1967 has grown into one of the most respected commercial locksmith in Toronto and surrounding communities.

That small business grew on a foundation of trust, reliability, quality, and professionalism. Now Christopher Wright continues that proud family tradition, and as a commercial locksmith in Toronto, Lock-Up Services has grown to accommodate numerous commercial and industrial needs, whether big or small, for convenience, security, accessibility or efficiency.

Security Doors

One basic concern for any business is having a sturdy door with a sturdy lock to go with it. We are one of the most experienced commercial locksmiths in Toronto when it comes to the very specific task of installing, maintaining and/or upgrading security doors for a business. Our security expertise means that we specifically address potential issues like lock bumping and other intrusion techniques

Automatic Doors

This is especially important for businesses that deal with a lot of pedestrian traffic. Automated door systems are very convenient as they allow both pedestrians carrying a lot of goods, as well as senior or disabled patrons to easily gain access into and out of a building. However, both the maintenance of the automated doors, as well as the security of such a system, require the attention of a good Toronto commercial locksmith for a long-term, reliable operation.

Secure Access Control Systems

When you need efficient but selective security access to certain portions of a building, secure access control systems are the answer. These systems are built only to admit the specific, authorized personnel you have in mind for certain sections of a building.  In addition, these systems also keep a record of all traffic, so you always know who has been in and out.

Best of all, these systems do not require keys, often needing only a card, or FOB system, which is ideal for police, hospital, government and industrial facilities. These are sophisticated systems that require the expertise of a trained and professional Toronto commercial locksmith.

Magnetic Locks

A unique but very reliable system of access and control is the magnetic lock system. A magnetic lock brings the best of both worlds in terms of security; it has no moving parts, and thus cannot be picked through traditional means. At the same time, however, a magnetic lock does not rely on electrical power supplied by a building to operate, therefore, will continue to work independent of the electrical power situation in a building. This is another sophisticated device that should only be installed by a commercial locksmith.

Panic Alarms

It is important to ensure that doors stay locked, especially if they are only required as emergency exits. However, it’s even more important that should an emergency occur, those doors will unlock as needed and provide an alarm to the rest of the building. Panic alarm systems easily fulfill this requirement, automatically unlocking deadbolts upon activation, while alerting the rest of the building to the usage of the system. The installation and maintenance of a panic alarms system requires the technical expertise of a trained commercial locksmith.

Barrier-Free Systems

Ontario is one of the most accessible provinces in the country, with new regulations that look after the needs of the elderly and disabled to ensure they have ready access to public buildings. Barrier-free systems enable visitors of any physical persuasion to enjoy easy physical access to your building, but these systems require certified attention and maintenance from a reputable Toronto commercial locksmith.

Biometric Access Systems

For the ultimate controlled security access, biometric access systems are the ideal solution. Not only are these systems extremely secure, they are also convenient, as they do not require passwords or PIN numbers to remember. To gain access a person needs is his or her own finger with an authorized fingerprint. For companies or government organizations that need the final word in security and access control, these systems, when installed by certified experts, meet all strict security requirements.

Bigger Jobs

If you run a business or other enterprise in which a lot of doors with security is required, such as for hotels or hospitals, Lock-Up Services can help! We have been the trusted service provider of many commercial, industrial, government, and hospitality organizations throughout Toronto and the GTA for many decades. If you have a large-scale operation that requires a consistent standard of quality and reliability throughout, we have the team and the expertise to do the job quickly, with professional results.

We’re Here To Help

Lock-Up Services Inc. is your experienced and efficient Toronto commercial locksmith solution. Whether you’re running a small business and want more peace of mind around the security of your business, or have a large organization planning a sizable upgrade to security and access, we are the trusted locksmith service that will meet your needs. Please contact us and explain your requirements, then enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with a commercial locksmith in Toronto that has had over 50 years of first class results and satisfied customers.

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