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The Pros and Cons of Mechanical & Electronic Door Locks

The Pros and Cons of Mechanical and Electronic Door Locks

You need to make a choice when it comes to your commercial building security strategy. You need to choose between mechanical and electronic door locks. But which is best, and what are the vulnerabilities of each? Keep reading as we explore the pros and cons of mechanical and electronic door locks. Mechanical Door Locks Mechanical door locks are traditionally used for car keys, front doors, and most residential and commercial property security systems. Mechanical door…

What Kind Of Locks Do Commercial Buildings Use

What Kind of Locks Do Commercial Buildings Use?

Intrusion in your commercial space could lead to data exposure, asset theft, and property damage. To prevent this security threat, you should consider investing in commercial building security locks and locksmith services. But which type of commercial locks should you choose? Keep reading to learn more about the top types of building door locks. Knob Lock A knob lock is the perfect security solution for internal doors – not your front door. With this lock,…