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Why Are Panic Bars So Important To Install For Your Business?

Why Are Panic Bars So Important To Install For Your Business

Also known as crash bars or push bars, panic bars are a staple of many commercial buildings. Originally conceived as a safety measure to stop large crowds from injuring one another while exiting a building in an emergency, panic bars are now used everywhere. Panic bars are even the primary mechanism used on many internal doors within commercial buildings these days.

It’s cheap and easy to get panic bars installed in your commercial buildings, and they have many great benefits.

Not Only Are Panic Bars Affordable, But They Are Effective Too

Contrary to some notions, panic bars aren’t expensive. In Canada, you can affordably install a panic bar system on any door for under $300, with some costing you as little as $85. By scheduling installation with an experienced and reputable locksmith, you can get one or multiple panic bars installed and may even be able to take advantage of bulk buying discounts.

Panic bars can turn any doorway into a one-way exit, making them great for emergencies. They can be easily unlocked with the pressure from any part of a person’s body, meaning that even when carrying large loads, you are still able to exit the building with ease.

The Variety Of Panic Bars You Can Select From

Horizontal panic bars are the most common type of panic bars seen in commercial buildings, however, there are other options that you may choose to install. Vertical rod panic bars, for example, have separate locks on the top and bottom of the mechanism for locking and unlocking when the mechanism is pressed.

Concealed vertical panic bars are another variation of this type of lock; they are hidden in order to discourage intruders from attempting to enter. Since these doors are supposed to be exit-only, concealed vertical bars are a great tool to keep the doorways clear. A heavy-duty side latch is implemented in side-latch panic bars, which lock into the door frame’s strike plate.

Panic alarms are also available for panic bars, alerting the building’s staff if somebody attempts to open one of these doors. The alarms help staff to prevent unauthorized entry or exiting, keeping these exits clear in the event of an emergency while improving commercial security.

They Help Decrease Insurance Rates

In commercial properties, insurance rates are calculated by the safety and risk factors of the property. Having panic bars increases security against theft while reducing the chances of bodily harm in the event of danger, thus decreasing insurance rates and helping your business to save money.

It’s The Law To Install Panic Bars In Certain Buildings

The Canadian Standards Association establishes rules and regulations that need to be followed to ensure a building’s safety. Legally, every building should have two accessible exits, with larger buildings requiring more. For these exits to be accessible in every situation, the majority of them need to be equipped with a panic bar for easy access.

In organizations such as schools, or any commercial building where children are present, it is a legal requirement to install panic bars.

Your Building Will Be Safer Because Of Them

Panic bars make your building safer. They increase your office security by stopping unwanted persons from entering while simultaneously providing exclusive exit points in the event of a fire or similar emergency. Their easily-operable mechanisms allow staff to carry important documents and equipment out of the office if the building becomes compromised.

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