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What Kind of Locks Do Commercial Buildings Use?

What Kind Of Locks Do Commercial Buildings Use

Intrusion in your commercial space could lead to data exposure, asset theft, and property damage. To prevent this security threat, you should consider investing in commercial building security locks and locksmith services.

But which type of commercial locks should you choose? Keep reading to learn more about the top types of building door locks.

Knob Lock

A knob lock is the perfect security solution for internal doors – not your front door. With this lock, the keyhole is located inside the doorknob itself. Locksmiths will advise that this lock is not reliable for your building’s exterior – it’s too risky, as an intruder might use a tool to dismantle the door lock and enter your building. It is highly recommended that you replace any knob locks that leave your company vulnerable to intrusion.

However, for private offices and storage spaces in your office, the knob lock is perfect. Locksmith services are extremely knowledgeable and can help you to install locks – and once installed, you can access prompt emergency locksmith services for any accidentally locked doors and door issues with excellent service.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are an excellent choice for internal and external doors at your commercial property, as they offer tight security for your company. An intruder can’t tamper with your locked commercial door to open it with a knife or credit card. This is because the lock doesn’t contain a spring. You can store the key on your chain with your car keys and provide extra keys for others.

Deadbolt locks are ideal for high-traffic areas in your company space, as the inner side of the door has a turnkey, meaning that users do not need to use their key to exit – only to enter.

So, if you need to leave the building in an emergency, occupants will not have a slow response time due to finding their keys. The downside of this lock type is that it’s still vulnerable to lockpicking, which could expose your space. To receive advice on upgrading or replacing your deadbolt locks, reach out to a locksmith to enquire about your options.

Cam Locks

Cam locks are not suitable for securing your company from intruders. However, they can help your employees and managerial staff keep valuable resources locked away – preventing employee and intruder theft. You will see reasonable pricing for these locks, as they are easier to install than high-security locks. You do not need a locksmith service for this type of lock.

You can attach cam locks to cabinets, drawers, and cupboards to ensure that items are safe. For instance, you might use cam locks to protect the building by cleaning closets, stationery cupboards, and file cabinets containing valuable resources. However, cam locks need to be stronger, so they aren’t suitable for heavy-duty doors at your company.


Padlocks are suited to heavy-duty storage cupboards, cabinets, your garage door, and gates. You can use padlocks to prevent anyone but the keyholder from accessing specific resources. You do not need to contact a locksmith to use padlocks, but it is good to have copies of your keys.

Please note your padlocks could present a safety issue if used as a barrier to exit in an emergency.

However, you can cut padlocks using pliers, so a locksmith would advise you that these are less suitable for external use. You should use padlocks to protect assets in your building stored behind heavy-duty doors. Keeping copies of the same key for your padlocks is a good idea.

Smart Locks

Smart locks eliminate the possibility of lockpicking for companies. A locksmith service will install this system to replace physical keys with an efficient access keycard, fob, mobile credential, or biometric information. To implement this method, businesses must find a locksmith service offering electronic lock systems.

Smart locks are a sound choice for your external security system, as they’re not vulnerable to lockpicking, but they make entry convenient and super quick for the user. If you choose reliable cloud-based smart locks, system administrators and locksmiths can remotely unlock security using an efficient mobile application.

And, with keyless entry, you do not have to supply a new key and contact your locksmiths every time someone loses theirs. Contact Lock-Up Services if you want to upgrade your existing locks a smart lock, reducing your reliance on a key.

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks are solutions for protecting your company that leaves little room for lockpicking. Instead of using an access credential to enter your company, the user has to provide a pin. You can choose smart or manual keypad locks. Locksmiths acknowledge one vulnerability of this lock: it leaves room for an intruder to observe an employee using their pin and enter your company by rekeying the pin.

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