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The Pros and Cons of Mechanical and Electronic Door Locks

The Pros and Cons of Mechanical & Electronic Door Locks

You need to make a choice when it comes to your commercial building security strategy. You need to choose between mechanical and electronic door locks. But which is best, and what are the vulnerabilities of each? Keep reading as we explore the pros and cons of mechanical and electronic door locks.

Mechanical Door Locks

Mechanical door locks are traditionally used for car keys, front doors, and most residential and commercial property security systems. Mechanical door locks have been used for hundreds of years to provide reliable professional and domestic security. Some examples of mechanical door closers include lever, knob, turnkey, or thumb key door closers.

Mechanical door locks could be a sound choice whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner. However, you must also consider what kind of door issues you might encounter down the line. Below are the pros and cons of mechanical door locks for your new house or professional space.

Pros of Mechanical Door Locks

Here are some benefits of implementing mechanical door locks using locksmith services.

  • Reasonable pricing – when you choose this door type, the cost of a locksmith and the new locks will not cost you very much. This solution is an affordable option for both homeowners and businesses.
  • Spare keys – you can affordably create as many spares as you need for your front door or commercial property, ensuring every employee or resident can access the property.
  • Internal locks – you can use a mortise lock to secure your interior spaces without inconvenience. Residents can secure their rooms, and in a professional environment, executives can create privacy in their offices.
  • Long-lasting – your existing locks could last for decades without needing lock repairs. You will only need to call emergency locksmith services if you have a broken lock or key.

Cons of Mechanical Door Locks

Below is a list of cons for using mechanical door locks:

  • Lockpicking – every cylinder lock is susceptible to lockpicking. An extremely knowledgeable person will be able to lockpick your high-security locks and gain access to your property.
  • ‘Jimmying’ – a person could use a car door key, credit card, or knife to ‘jimmy’ your mortise locks, as they are spring operated.
  • Broken key – sometimes, broken keys get stuck inside doors, and it is impossible to rectify the issue without replacing the lock entirely. You will need to contact a locksmith service for lock repair in this instance, and they will advise you on whether they can salvage your door locks.
  • Key cutting – if someone were motivated to enter your home or professional space, they could create impressions of your keys and use a locksmith service to make a copy of the same key for their use. If you suspect someone has a spare copy of your key, you should contact an emergency locksmith to prevent intrusion.

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks are a modern alternative to mechanical locks. Not every locksmith service will offer this technology. Instead of using keys for your front door or business space, you can use keycards, fobs, mobile credentials, biometrics, and pin codes to unlock doors. Using a keyless method has its benefits in offering more stringent security for your property.

Pros of Electronic Door Lock Security

Here are some benefits of using access control solutions in place of mechanical options.

  • No lockpicking – by creating a keyless entry method, you can ensure that no lockpicking will allow someone to break into your property.
  • Convenience – opting for an access control service will ensure that you can quickly enter the building by simply presenting your credential to the reader.
  • Emergency locksmith services – if you become accidentally locked out of your home or building, you can call your locksmith. They will provide excellent service to unlock your door and allow re-entry remotely, ensuring your safety if you get locked out at night.
  • Remote operation – when you opt for cloud-based lock systems, you can use a mobile app to manage your security and ensure your building is secure from anywhere.
  • Over-the-air updates – opting for cloud-based security allows your locksmith to provide system updates and perform maintenance over the air, so you don’t need emergency repair services very often.

Cons of Electronic Door Lock Security

No security solution is perfect. Let’s discuss some of the cons of electronic door security.

  • Less cost-effective – since electronic door security is a sophisticated solution, it could be more expensive than mechanical options.
  • Management – you may need to contact your locksmiths to maintain your electronic lock system regularly.
  • Cybersecurity concerns – you need to ensure that a cloud-based security solution for your company is protected with cybersecurity measures.

Searching for Electronic & Mechanical Locks? Contact Lock-Up Services

Whether you need traditional and affordable lock solutions or require more stringent security service for your company, we can help you at Lock-Up Services. We offer locks with safety and security measures tailored to your building. We can supply you with a new key for your door, and we can help you to install and repair your locks.