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Push Bars

What Is The Difference Between Panic Hardware and Fire Hardware?

When ensuring the safety and security of a building, selecting the right hardware for doors is crucial. Panic and fire hardware are two distinct types of door hardware systems that serve different purposes in emergencies, depending on your needs. We look at the characteristics and functionalities of panic hardware vs fire hardware, discussing their benefits and more. What is Panic Hardware? Panic hardware is designed to provide a quick and efficient exit during emergency situations….

How To Unlock and Lock A Panic Bar Door

How To Unlock and Lock A Panic Bar Door

When considering your health, safety, and evacuation procedures, panic bar installation seems like an excellent option to facilitate seamless evacuation. However, there may be some instances where you need to unlock and lock your panic bar door. So, what do you need to consider regarding security when installing panic bar doors? Keep reading as we explore what panic bar doors are, when you might need one, and how to lock and unlock your panic bar…

Install a Panic Bar

What Is The Cost Of Installing A Panic Bar For My Business?

You need to plan emergency exit routes when planning your health and safety strategy for a commercial building. Panic bars are an essential part of facilitating swift exit in the event of an emergency and should be installed for emergency exits. So, how much will commercial panic bar installation cost for your business? Keep reading as we discuss what panic bars are, how much they cost, and what you can gain from installing them for…

Commerical Locksmith Myths Debunked

Common Commercial Locksmith Myths Debunked

Locksmiths provide an invaluable service on a daily basis but aren’t a service professional you come across on a regular basis. Unlike professionals such as electricians or plumbers, who you may have to call out once or twice a year depending on your living situation, the need for a locksmith is a little rarer. Usually only during an emergency at home or for more commercial use if you own a business. Due to this, a…