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How To Unlock and Lock A Panic Bar Door

How To Unlock and Lock A Panic Bar Door

When considering your health, safety, and evacuation procedures, panic bar installation seems like an excellent option to facilitate seamless evacuation. However, there may be some instances where you need to unlock and lock your panic bar door.

So, what do you need to consider regarding security when installing panic bar doors?

Keep reading as we explore what panic bar doors are, when you might need one, and how to lock and unlock your panic bar when required quickly.

What is a Panic Bar Door?

A panic bar door is a safe installation that works with an access control system to provide buildings with a swift exit in an emergency. You’ll typically find a panic bar on an emergency exit or one-way door. The push bar allows people to use the door as an exit easily and quickly.

However, there is no push bar on the other side of the door and no handle either. So, the door can be used for a quick exit from the building, but nobody can enter it via the door – keeping it secure. You can lock a push bar door to prevent exit from the building during closing hours and provide more security.

To use a push bar to open a door, a building occupant can simply push the bar handle on the door inwards, which will trigger the door mechanism to unlock it. A push bar is an alternative to a door handle that does not require the building user to stop moving when opening the door. So, in an emergency, the user can get outside of the building instantly.

How to Lock and Unlock a Panic Bar Door

It is important to acknowledge that, since panic bar doors are one-way and an emergency exit feature in buildings, you should keep the door unlocked most of the time. However, there are some instances where the building must be secured from the inside, and a push bar must be locked.

To lock a panic bar door, you will need a hex key. For security and safety reasons, the hex key is usually kept right next to the panic bar door on a small chain. On the push part of the exit bar, you will find a small hole. To lock the door, you must place the hex key inside the hole and twist it until the push bar pops inwards.

Once you have performed this step, the panic bar door will lock automatically once closed. So, do not exit the building while the door is in this state without a different route inside.

To unlock the door, push the bar in while turning the key. Test the bar to see if the door is unlocked before leaving it.

When Should You Lock a Push Bar Door?

You should avoid locking a push bar door – especially if your building receives much traffic. The only times you should lock a push bar door are when the building is unoccupied. And, even in these circumstances, you should try and lock the door using turnkey locks that can easily be opened from the inside. This way, you will not risk individuals being trapped inside the building in an emergency. If your push bar door is broken, you should contact emergency locksmith services immediately.

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If you’re looking to improve building security measures, you’ll benefit from investing in panic bar installation to facilitate emergency response procedures. You should not lock your push bar doors when the building is occupied and instead use locks that can be opened inside the building.

If you need advice on improving your commercial security measures, why not contact our experienced commercial locksmiths in Toronto here at Lock-Up Services? We can help you to find the most suitable access control measures for your needs.