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Why Invest In Commercial Access Control?

Why Invest In Commercial Access Control

Many business owners struggle to figure out which security measures to implement in their businesses. It can be challenging to decide which security measure is worth the investment with so many options available.

Commercial access control is beneficial for businesses operating across Toronto and the GTA. It comes with many security benefits and is definitely worth the investment.

What Is Access Control?

Commercial access control provides enhanced security to your business. This security system allows you to monitor and control everyone that moves through your business, including employees, guests, and others who share your building.

You can integrate access control systems with your other security systems. For example, an access control system could be merged with your alarm monitoring systems, making it easy to get a security team onsite quickly if there were ever to be a breach.

The Benefits Of Access Control Systems

Commercial access control systems come with many benefits that make them worth the investment for businesses. Below, we have summarized some of their top benefits.

Remote Access

Access control systems allow for complete remote access.

Remote access to your security systems means that you can control who is onsite even if you are not. This gives you the power to grant or deny access to employees and visitors when you are not there, negating the need for extra keys to be signed out.

Restrict, Control & Monitor Access

Commercial access control systems allow you to restrict, control, and monitor who accesses your business. This could include employees, visitors to your business, and onsite security teams.

This level of control allows you to restrict access based on employee status or business hours, and it helps to control where any guests go. Additionally, you can monitor the comings and goings of everyone in your building at all times. You will even be able to look up access history.

Save Expenses In The Long Run

An access control system can save you money in the long run.

Standard doors and locks often need replacing due to wear-and-tear which can be costly. In addition, employees may frequently lose keys that need replacing. An access control system uses one card for access to all doors.

This one-card access means it can be easily deactivated and replaced if a card is lost. It also means that keys don’t need to be returned when employment contracts are terminated, and the access card can be quickly deactivated.


The one-card mechanism of an access control system is incredibly efficient. Having just one card that allows employees, visitors, and others the access you have permitted them means you don’t need to fumble with multiple keys to find the one that opens the door.

It also means different keys don’t need to be created and handed out for each entry point, and all access is centralized.

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