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What Are The Most Common Types Of Door Locks?

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What Are The Most Common Types Of Door Locks?

Door locks may be small, but their impact is enormous for your home or business. They provide protection and security, which ultimately helps you leave the office or lock up your home at night without fear of intruders.

Keeping yourself, your family and your belongings safe should always be of utmost importance, so it’s necessary to ensure that you have high-quality locks. It’s vital to know about the different types of door locks to establish which is the best option for your door and how best to keep you, everyone, and everything you love safe.


Being the most common multi-functional lock, padlocks are seen everywhere from doors to bikes. They’re strong mechanical locks that use a spring and a driver pin to ensure that they can only be opened by the accompanying key.

Padlocks are most typically used for sheds and storage units as they can be easily picked, though locks with higher tensile strength can be incredibly secure. They’re also great for securing areas that already have other security measures in place, to delay a potential thief for longer.


Seen as some of the most secure locks around, deadbolts utilize a spring and bolt which are built into the frame of the door. They are found on many external doors around the country.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are incredibly common in Canada and often act as the main security measure for internal doors. These locks are located inside the knob itself, rather than in the door and are opened with a key.

However, knob locks should never be used on external doors as it’s relatively easy to use tools to break off the knob and gain access to the building.

Lever Handle Locks

Using a traditional sash lock, lever handle locks are similar to knob locks in both appearance and functionality, as the locking mechanism itself is found within the handle. Lever handles offer a greater range of use with strength and dexterity – therefore, when they are unlocked, the lever handle locks can be opened more easily.

Other Types Of Door Locks

Advanced technology has led to additional lock-types such as smart locks and keypad locks, which offer higher security measures and are more adept in stopping people from breaking in. There are numerous types of locks, all with their own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to consider them all.

By researching different locks and contacting a locksmith, you can establish which lock will best protect you.

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