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What Are Biometric Access Control Systems?

What Are Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric access control systems are a way of securing commercial buildings or areas within those buildings from unauthorized personnel. They work via a biometric input, such as a fingerprint reader or an iris scanner, storing that biological data. This data can permit entry to authorized individuals by requiring them to provide matching biometric data.

Biometric access systems offer more security and several other advantages over more traditional security systems.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Biometric Access Systems?

Installing a biometric access system is a great idea for any business, but it’s particularly important for any commercial business that has sensitive data or valuable items to protect. Here are some of the benefits that biometric systems offer:

Higher Security

Traditional security systems can be breached more easily than biometric access systems. Keys can be lost or stolen, allowing unauthorized people to get into the building or a restricted area. Similarly, pin code access leaves commercial businesses susceptible to anyone watching an employee’s input, thus the passcode can be figured out with enough attempts.

With a biometric access system however, these security breaches are mitigated. Only those who can provide the right biological data, (which would be the employees) will be able to enter.

Easy To Use

Quite simply, biometric security systems are easier to use than other security measures. Those who are permitted access don’t need to worry about remembering their keys, and they won’t need to fumble around with them at the door. If only one hand is available to you (such as when you’re carrying boxes), it’s easier to scan your finger than to rummage around your pockets looking for your keys.

Similarly, there isn’t a code that employees need to learn in order to gain access. In the event of a security breach occurring in a building that uses input codes to access the building, the codes tend to be changed which can become confusing for employees who need to remember this information to gain access.

Data Storage

Anyone can use a key to access a building. Except for high-tech locks, most keys don’t leave a digital input when they’re used. Biometric access control systems allow the business to know who is entering and leaving the building and at what time. This keeps employees honest, it helps identify culprits if anything is stolen and it keeps track of how much time employees spend at work.

What Are The Different Types Of Biometric Access Systems?

Biometric access control systems can come in a variety of forms, allowing versatility and ease to all who use them. There are four main types of biometrics used for these systems.


The oldest and most common form of biometric access systems, fingerprint scanning is still widely used to this day. As everyone’s fingerprint is different, this offers an easy and secure way of securing an area to only authorized individuals.

Iris Scan

An iris scan involves putting your eye close to a censor as it scans you and determines that you’re an authorized person. Similar to fingerprints, your iris is unique, and this method doesn’t require any physical contact.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition software has become more and more popular in recent years, with many smartphones now able to recognize their user and permit access based on visual input.

However, using this type of biometric access system can act as a double-edged sword, as cheaper ones won’t be able to establish depth, meaning that anyone could get through them with a picture. With that in mind, it is recommended that if you are going to invest in a facial recognition system, make sure it is a system that is of the highest quality.

Palm Vein

A much newer biometric access system, palm vein readers use infrared light to detect specific patterns in the veins of your palm to establish that you are who you say you are. These have been determined to be more accurate than simple fingerprint readers, but otherwise function the same.

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