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Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Access Control System

Replace Access Control System

Access control systems are essential for your commercial security strategy and help ensure business health. A break-in could result in property damage, data theft, and legal ramifications due to the exposure of sensitive data and breaking compliance. To ensure business health, you must consistently maintain access control security and evaluate your threat exposure. Read on to learn when it might be a good time to replace your access control system.

Access Control System Replacement: When’s The Best Time?

Let’s explore some of the best reasons for opting for access control system replacement. If you’re experiencing any of these difficulties, contact an access control installer or locksmith to begin planning a new security strategy.

You’ve Experienced Security Breaches

If you’ve experienced one or more physical security breaches under your current access control system, your security measures must be improved. Security concerns arise for the following reasons:

  • Your locks are vulnerable to lockpicking.
  • An unauthorized party has stolen one of your key fobs, keycards, or keys.
  • Your entry pin code is compromised.

If any of the above apply, it might be time to replace your access control systems or, at the very least, reach out to an emergency locksmith service. An emergency locksmith service will be able to fix any issues with your current system, including implementing new access credentials and disabling all others to eliminate the use of a stolen key.

Your Security System Is Inconvenient

Commercial locksmith services emphasize providing employees with convenient access for daily building use. Traditional keys and locks can leave you vulnerable to lockpicking and can also present an inconvenience for employees.

Professional locksmith services will be able to help you make the switch to a more convenient access control system. They can replace your keys with keycards, fobs, or mobile credentials. This way, employees can easily enter the building by presenting their access credentials in front of a reader device. With this technology, you’re no longer at risk of lockpicking.

Your Door Locks Are Faulty Or Broken

If any of the door locks in your building are faulty or broken, this will slow down the traffic in your building and cause inconvenience to all building users. If your door locks keep breaking, this may indicate that it is time for a complete upgrade with a new door lock installation.

Upgrading your system can create a more sophisticated daily building experience. When your clients, customers, and stakeholders use your building, a sophisticated security system will instill a sense of trust and create a strong impression.

Your Current Access Control Solution Is Costing You Money

If your current access control system is defective, faulty, or unreliable, it could cost you money. You must pay for mobile locksmith services regularly to meet your needs. Sticking with your existing access control system could incur more costs, so you should consider switching soon.

Additionally, suppose your current security system does not prevent break-ins on your property. In that case, you could be left with the cost of repairs for property damage or the cost of replacing any stolen goods. Upgrading or replacing your access control system is essential to eliminate these costs.

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Failing to upgrade or replace your access control system when needed will only result in financial losses, inconvenience, and vulnerability for your business. You can properly evaluate your security needs by looking for the signs listed above. For all your locksmith needs, repairs, and upgrades, why not contact us at Lock-Up Services commercial locksmith Toronto? We proudly serve Etobicoke, Toronto and the GTA to meet all your commercial locksmith needs.