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Lock Rekeying VS Lock Replacement

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Many businesses and homeowners may have heard the phrases ‘lock rekeying’ and ‘lock replacement’. You can guess from them that they affect your lock without knowing much more. This lack of understanding of what both of these terms are and how they impact you can be stressful. It’s hard to make the right decision for your building without complete knowledge.

To break it down simply, lock rekeying is a more streamlined process that results in a new key. Whereas lock replacement requires a new locking system and key but it is more expensive as a result. As a company that offers both solutions, they both have pros and cons that make them the best choice for different situations. Learn more about what choice is best for your circumstance below.

What Is Lock Rekeying?

Lock rekeying simply changes the internal locking system instead of replacing it. It is equally as safe as a complete lock replacement as a new key is still required. Lock rekeying saves you the extra hassle and expense of a full replacement when you need to change your key for security reasons.

Pros of Lock Rekeying

Lock rekeying is a good solution to make your life easier and more secure at the same time. By rekeying, you can have all of your locks adjusted to one key instead of multiple. This means that you will only ever need to carry one key which will make life generally easier.

As well, lock rekeying offers you security if you lose one of your keys and begin to feel unsafe, particularly for homeowners. The changes to the locks will prevent anyone from entering the property with an old key. It also works to restrict access to people who knowingly have keys such as ex-employees or ex-roommates.

Cons of Lock Rekeying

However, lock rekeying retains the old lock which means that it may remain old and out of style. It can impact the general appearance of your home and tarnish its modernity, particularly during a renovation.

Lock rekeying is less thorough than a lock replacement as the system is only altered instead of completely changed. Another downside to lock rekeying is that it relies on the existence of a key for the old lock system. With some locksmiths, this isn’t an issue but it will incur extra costs.

What Is Lock Replacement?

Lock replacement requires the removal of all the locking hardware from the door. Afterward, you have a new lock and a new key that can be updated from the older brand.

Pros of Lock Replacement

Lock replacement is the traditional and most well-known option when a locksmith is needed. For businesses, lock replacement is the better choice as a master key can be issued to the owner. This allows the business to retain a heightened level of security compared to homes.

They are the only choice if you need a new locking system due to damage or age as lock rekeying won’t work in this case. However, lock replacement is also the perfect choice if you want to update your system either for security or aesthetic purposes. There are many new updates in locking systems that you could benefit from if you go with a complete lock replacement.

Cons of Lock Replacement

Lock replacement is worthwhile if you need an entirely new locking system. However, if you only need a new key then lock replacement is not always the right solution. It is a far more expensive process as it is more difficult than lock rekeying. It takes longer to complete which results in a higher fee.

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Lock-Up Services is thrilled to support Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area with all of its lock-related needs. We are proud to offer both lock replacement and lock rekeying to suit the requirements of your home or business. If you would like to know more, get in touch with our expert Toronto locksmiths and learn about how we can make your commercial, institution or residential building more secure.