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How Do Magnetic Locks Work?

How Do Magnetic Locks Work

There are many different kinds of locks to choose from when securing your business, and with so much choice, it can be a challenge to pick the best one for you. Magnetic locks are some of the most popular types chosen because they can be used on a range of doors and come with many benefits.

A magnetic lock uses an electric current to produce a magnetic force. When energized, the electromagnet is attracted to an armature plate fitted to the door. The strength of the magnetic force produced is enough to stop the door from being forced open, even with increased pressure. This makes magnetic locks a reliable and secure option for your business.

No bolts or other physical components are required for this kind of lock, just the electromagnet, and the door frame – though an electric current is needed! Magnetic locks come with a failsafe that opens the locks and allows people to exit a building safely should the power fail.

High-security doors that use magnetic locks will come with a battery or power supply that ensures the door remains locked in the event of a power outage.

Uses Of A Magnetic Lock

Magnetic locks are used in many commercial settings, including hotels, offices, retail environments, and residential blocks.

One of the reasons that magnetic locks are so popular with businesses is that you can use them in various ways. We’ve summarized some of the most popular uses for magnetic locks below:

  • Glass doors, single and double doors, and automatic swing and sliding doors
  • Alongside access control systems with card readers, keypads, and biometric scanners
  • For fail-safe applications, like emergency doors
  • With panic bars
  • For traffic control doors that limit access
  • On exterior entry points and security gates

Benefits Of A Magnetic Lock

Magnetic locks are a practical security solution. Some of the main benefits of using them are:

  • They’re easy to install – It doesn’t take long to install magnetic locks. All that is required is adding the plates and having an electrician connect the locks to the building’s power.
  • They’re user-friendly – No keys or key copies are required to operate magnetic locks. Employees and visitors will need one card for access. In addition, the lock/unlock mechanism is instantaneous, allowing you to buzz people in and move through the building quickly.
  • They’re durable – Unlike traditional locks, magnetic locks have no moving parts to jam or wear out. Magnetic locks rarely need replacing.
  • They’re cost-effective – Once installed, magnetic locks need little maintenance. They also use one card for access, meaning you don’t need to create key copies.
  • They’re secure and reliable – Magnetic locks cannot be picked or pried, and even with a massive amount of pressure, they cannot be forced open. They offer a powerful holding force.

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