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How Do I Detect Locksmith Scams?

How Do I Detect Locksmith Scams

Scammers seem to be everywhere these days, so it’s important that you keep your eye out for people looking to exploit you, especially regarding traditional tradesman jobs such as locksmithing. Many people may think about calls and emails when they consider scams, but an increasing number of scams are coming from so-called ‘cowboy builders’.

To ensure that any household job is done correctly by a licensed professional, there are certain measures you can take. It’s vital that you do the research so that you know what to look out for, to avoid getting scammed by con artists.

Do Your Research And Find A Locksmith Company That Is Reputable

Reputation is everything; it can be a good indicator that a company is legitimate. Online reviews can be a good metric to look at, but be somewhat wary of these, as anyone can make a website and fill it with fake reviews.

While conducting online research, keep an eye out for realistic reviews with specific details about the service that was provided to the reviewer. You also need to be on the lookout for vague reviews with single sentences (possibly with spelling and grammar errors as well) that might be fake.

Word of mouth is a tried and tested way of knowing that a company is legitimate. Look for people who’ve had work done by the company before and see if they have an office or licensed premises. By taking these steps, you can rest easy knowing the company is not a scam.

Watch Out For Phone Numbers That Are Toll Free

Phone numbers often tie a business to a specific location, and toll-free numbers allow you to call them from landlines at no extra cost. While this may seem to be an indicator of a legitimate business, it isn’t difficult for any company, no matter their legitimacy, to acquire a toll-free number. Keep this in mind when trying to avoid locksmith scams.

Ask Questions

Any reputable business should be happy to answer any questions you have about the work and their company as a whole. Being inquisitive is a great way to gauge the level of experience a locksmith has, whether their company is legitimate and whether they have an established client base.

Vague answers or a perceived lack of knowledge, or even an unwillingness to answer your questions, are huge indicators of an attempted scam.

Be Wary Of Very Cheap Pricing

The labour rates for a locksmith in Canada are typically between $80 and $130. Be skeptical of any advertisements or agreements of less than $70, as chances are, it’s a scam. More often than not, scammers will lure you in with promises of cheap labour and then the price will suddenly skyrocket upon completion of the job.

A Slow Response Time From The Company

Established companies normally have people manning the phones and company email during all business hours, and locksmiths are no exception. If a locksmith takes numerous business days to respond, it’s a sign they might be running a scam – especially if they advertise as a 24/7 or emergency locksmith.

Look For The Logo On Their Company Vehicle

A company logo on the vehicle a locksmith arrives in shouldn’t be seen as proof that they’re legitimate, but it can certainly show validity. The lack of such a logo should be seen with skepticism, though you should always ask questions about this before jumping to conclusions.

Check For ID At The Door

It might seem rude to ask to see a worker’s professional license at the door, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even without a license on them, a valid ID can let you know they are who they say they are and help you to find them later if they do try to scam you.

Double Check And Confirm The Price(s) Of The Appointment

Consistency in prices and quotes for appointments can be a good indicator that the company is legitimate, especially when the numbers are confirmed by multiple sources from within the company.

After Service, You Never Hear From Or See Them Ever Again

Professional locksmiths tend to keep in touch with their clientele, as it’s a service that everyone needs from time to time. If you’ve had work done and never hear from the company again, or know someone whom this has happened to, then the services are far more likely to be a scam.

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