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How Can I Prevent Employee Theft?

How Can I Prevent Employee Theft

Employees are an important part of your business and are trusted members of the team. You have probably built strong working relationships with most of your employees over the years and wouldn’t be able to function successfully without them.

However, though most of the people you hire will be honest, employee theft prevention is important in any business.

As a business owner, this can be daunting as you consider the idea of someone you’ve trusted taking advantage of your company and of the financial hit the business would have to endure because of it.

However, there are several things that can be done to help prevent employee theft. We explore some of the best measures that you can take, from physical security to the hiring process.

Contact Your Local Commercial Locksmith in Toronto

Lots of employee theft incidents are carried out by ex-employees. These individuals often still have access to the business property afterwards as they know how the day-to-day use of something like the company office works.

For this reason, even employees that left on good terms may take advantage of this knowledge and decide to enter the property after their employment has ended. This is especially risky if that ex-employee once had access to funds, valuables or confidential information.

Though it may feel like a lot of work, getting your locks changed when someone leaves the business or implementing further security measures is vital for the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Getting in touch with your local locksmith is the best place to start, especially one that can deal with both large companies and small businesses. A commercial locksmith in Toronto will be able to help you with all your anti-theft needs.

From security doors to magnetic locks, somewhere like Lock-Up Services can be your one-stop shop for all things lock installation and more.

Limit Those With Access

It’s not just ex-employees that will be halted by changing the lock systems, it also gives you a great chance to shuffle things around and only give those who truly need it, certain access.

It’s difficult to understand why employees steal, but it’s undeniable that the more employees who have access to valuables, the higher the chances that employee theft will take place.

To tackle this, limiting the number of people with access to these valuables is crucial. Not only does this make employee theft much less likely, but if something does happen, it’s a lot easier to figure out who the culprit was.

Though it does depend on the size of your business, you probably don’t need the whole team in the know when it comes to where valuables or money are and how to access them.

By shrinking those with access, you make preventing a crime much easier. Though this may only be possible if you’re a small business owner, making sure that you are the only one with access is an even better step that you can take.

Invest In Further Security Measures

If you are a business that handles a lot of money on a daily basis and internal security is a major concern, it might be worth investing in further security measures.

Cash flow can still be an issue no matter what stage of business you’re in and no matter how long your business has been going. Therefore, you may not be happy spending money on something that technically isn’t necessary.

However, few things are more important than security when it comes to your business, and you’ll certainly feel that it’s money well spent should these security measures prevent just one incident from occurring.

There are so many options in terms of making your place or work more physically secure. These will differ from business to business and can include, but aren’t limited to:

Just adding one of these features to your place of work can make a real difference in how secure everything is and how comfortable you feel. Like most security measures, they work very well as a deterrent alone.

Change Your Hiring Process

From start-ups to established companies, each business will have its own hiring process for determining whether or not someone is a right fit for the job and the team.

This process allows you to assess that individual’s experience, attitude and personality before making the decision to hire them.

However, if you want to prevent employee theft, you may need to change your hiring process just a little.

This will mainly entail making the whole process and interview journey a little stricter as you do things like:

  • thoroughly check references
  • perform background checks
  • create a multiple-interview system

Though it might take longer to hire someone than your business is used to, by doing these checks and tightening up the overall process, you reduce your chances of hiring someone that may take advantage of their position one day.

These extra measures can also be an asset to your business as fitting the right person with a certain role means they are much more likely to do well in that area and stay with you longer.

Lock-Up Services, Your Go-To Toronto Commercial Locksmith

While there are some things that you can change to make your business more secure, like conducting regular audits, physical security is one of the best ways to make things much safer.

Just like hiring a professional for any other service you may need, locksmiths should be your first port of call when security concerns are raised.

Commercial locksmith services, like what is provided by Lock-Up Services, can provide a variety of security solutions that can really help you rest easy at night, knowing everything will still be there in the morning.

Looking for a Toronto Commercial Locksmith? Contact Lock-Up Services today to start your journey toward a more secure business.