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Common Commercial Locksmith Myths Debunked

Commerical Locksmith Myths Debunked

Locksmiths provide an invaluable service on a daily basis but aren’t a service professional you come across on a regular basis.

Unlike professionals such as electricians or plumbers, who you may have to call out once or twice a year depending on your living situation, the need for a locksmith is a little rarer. Usually only during an emergency at home or for more commercial use if you own a business.

Due to this, a number of myths surrounding commercial locksmith services have arisen over the past few years and could be putting you off from contacting one. While some of these may be harmless, others could be putting locksmiths in a negative light.

Here are some common commercial locksmith myths debunked:

Locksmiths Are Expensive

Perhaps one of the most common myths surrounding locksmiths is that they are expensive. This belief can make people delay work that needs doing as they feel that they won’t be able to afford it.

However, just like any other service you may need, locksmiths vary in price and you will find one within your budget.

The best thing you can do is to speak to a locksmith to discuss pricing. Locksmiths may have varying rates depending on your needs and it’s a good idea to ask for a quote before carrying out any work.

You Can Do It Yourself

You might believe that you’re better off changing your locks yourself, but this could be potentially dangerous.

This has only gotten worse with the number of DIY tools that can be found online. The Toronto locksmiths at Lock-Up Services are highly trained and know what they are doing.

When it comes to something as important as your locks, it’s vital to get it looked at by a professional. If you decide to do it yourself, you run the risk of weakening the security of your office or place of work.

Many people need to change their locks in emergency situations and may be tempted to attempt the work themselves. However, contacting an emergency locksmith in these situations is almost always the best thing to do.

Locksmiths Can Only Help In An Emergency

Speaking of these emergency situations, it’s often thought that locksmiths are only used during these times. However, locksmiths can be used anytime you need to change your locks, which should usually be when you move to a new office.

Too many don’t change the locks when moving despite it being a good idea. You don’t have to install high-security locks in your new office but changing them to new ones can give you the peace of mind that you and your employees are the only ones with access.

Locksmiths Have Access To Your Business

If you’ve ever seen a locksmith at work, it can be interesting to see how they change locks perfectly without damaging the doors or windows of a building.
These skills mean they can make the changes that you need seamlessly and give you the new keys to your home or office. However, some then concern themselves with the idea that that same locksmith now has access through the new locks.

While this might technically be true for a small window of time, it’s vital that you keep in mind that it’s a professional service they are providing. Most locksmith companies have a number of security measures in place to make sure they are hiring the right people, such as performing background checks.

You can be sure that locksmiths from Lock-Up Services are thoroughly screened, so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your safety as our first priority.

Locksmiths Have To Be Certified

Despite what you might think, locksmiths in Ontario don’t require certification.

This is an important myth to debunk as you may have been under the impression that the locksmith you just called last minute had the important certifications you were looking for.

Finding a certified locksmith in Toronto or in the greater Toronto area is crucial if you want the security of knowing your locks are in the right hands. All locksmiths at Lock-Up Services are completely certified, so you can have complete confidence in our team.

New Locks Won’t Be As Secure

This a particularly prevalent myth for those who own an older building

Old locks can be very strong and last decades but may eventually they will need replacing. Some business owners put this task off as they believe that any modern lock they replace theirs with won’t be as secure as the one they currently have.

Locks have been used as anti-theft measures for centuries but, like many of the day-to-day tools, they can certainly be improved upon.

Any locksmith will be able to assure you that the locks they use are just as secure than any older lock you currently have and with options like access control systems available, you can relax knowing what’s important to you is as safe as possible.

Commercial Locksmith Services In Toronto From Lock-Up Services

Understanding these common myths surrounding commercial locksmiths is important for when that time comes, as you’ll know that you’re choosing the right service with all the knowledge that you may need.

Need a commercial locksmith in Toronto or the surrounding areas? Whether you require new lock installations or you have locked yourself out of your business and require emergency locksmith services, Contact your trusted Toronto locksmith, Lock-Up Services.