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Barrier-Free Door Systems For Your Business

Barrier-Free Door Systems For Your Business

Accessibility is at the heart of successful businesses. It can open the door for more customers who have been traditionally excluded from so many buildings, due to inaccessibility and physical barriers.

You are probably wondering: ‘What do barrier-free door systems look like?’ ‘How can they benefit you as a business?’ If you’re scratching your head at the thought of barrier-free systems, then you’ve come to the right place.

At Lock-Up Services, we don’t just provide incredible services, but we also ensure that our customers have all the information they need about our essential services.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to barrier-free door systems. You can use this guide to help answer any questions you may have about these types of door systems. We discuss what barrier-free really means, why you need barrier-free systems, and where you can get barrier-free doors for your Toronto business.

What Does Barrier-Free Really Mean?

It’s important that we first discuss the basics and get to the root of what barrier-free door systems are. Barrier-free systems are doors that don’t present any physical inhibitors to visitors who have accessibility needs.

This refers to doors that are wide enough for people such as wheelchair users and people with mobility issues, who require more room and easier access to facilities. Barrier-free essentially aims to take away any obstacles that are typically exclusionary or only cater to people who don’t have accessibility needs.

You can find barrier-free systems in almost all structures, many homes, businesses, and public amenities. Examples of barrier-free systems include step-free access, widened doorways, and more!

Barrier-free systems also refer to structures that make it easier for people to move large items like luggage or shopping through entry and exit ways – systems like these make life easier for everyone who visits a business. With barrier-free access, shoppers can say goodbye to the awkward experience of getting stuck in doorways after a particularly indulgent shopping spree.

Barrier-free systems also consist of ways that patrons can open doors without twisting door knobs or pushing heavy structures.

Barrier-free access gives patrons the ability to simply press a button to open the door, meaning that wheel-chair users or those that suffer from a lack of strength in wrists and other mobility issues can enjoy a struggle-free process.

If you’re still a little confused as to what barrier-free refers to, here are some more examples:

  • Power door buttons and operators
  • Turning spaces for wheelchairs and mobility aids
  • Ramps
  • Passing places
  • Rest spaces
  • Doorway and corridor widths
  • Walking surface indicators

Why Do I Need Barrier-Free Systems?

So why do you need barrier-free systems for your business? Well, it is enshrined in Ontario’s building code for most new construction and extensive renovation projects to have ‘barrier-free access paths of travel.’

While existing structures aren’t affected by the 2012 building code, extensive renovations that include the replacement of entryways are required to be built with accessibility and safety in mind.

This is designed to ensure that those with accessibility needs can access basic amenities with ease.

Barrier-free access is a requirement in most new commercial buildings such as theatres, office buildings over three stories high, and large building areas.

Care homes, retail, places of worship, and community centers are also required to have barrier-free access in all new constructions.

Not only is this a legal requirement for Ontario businesses, but this is also an important part of making sure that your business is accessible to all patrons. This helps you reach a wider market and can have positive effects on your foot traffic and profits.

Need an example? Don’t sweat it. If you’re a business owner who has recently built their own shop or conducted a serious renovation project, you’ll need barrier-free facilities such as an entry/exit door with a button to open, a large enough width for wheelchairs, and step-free access such as ramps and passing places to comply with provincial regulation. In doing this, you’ll make your business more disability-friendly to all customers.

Get Barrier-Free Doors For Your Toronto Business Today!

Have you decided to embark on a sizable renovation project or are building a new structure and need an expert to help you navigate barrier-free doors?

No problem! At Lock-Up Services, we can provide you with expert advice regarding your barrier-free doors and locking systems that require accredited locksmiths. We’re proud to help Toronto businesses navigate these systems across their business while maintaining strict health and safety protocols for their employees and customers.

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