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Are High-Security Locks Worth The Cost?

Are High-Security Locks Worth The Cost

One of your priorities as a business owner is to protect your business. You may be wondering, ‘what methods can one take to protect their business?’ At Lock-Up Services, we know that the anxiety of having an insecure business takes away from the excitement of being an entrepreneur; that’s why we strongly encourage our customers to invest in high-security locks to ensure they keep their goods safe. After all, you can’t put a price on your safety.

We also know that making a decision about the types of locks you invest in can be daunting. We’ve compiled this guide to help you understand the benefits of investing in high-security locks.

Benefits Of High-Security Locks

Here are some of the main benefits of high-security locks:

Key Systems

We all lose our keys from time to time, and while this is normal, it doesn’t negate the inconvenience. Getting new keys cut constantly for clumsy colleagues can also become costly after a while, so high-security key systems such as keyless locks, are a great way to cut down the cost and reduce the chances of losing your keys.

Although unpleasant, it’s a fact that many businesses are targeted because there are valuable goods within their offices and warehouses. This is made much worse when you consider how easy it is for keys to be replicated.

With high-security locks, you can reduce the chance of unauthorized access and resulting crimes like breaking and entering with theft.

Bolt Strength

Quality comes at a price, but it’s worth the price when you consider that high-security locks are typically much stronger than standard locks on the market. High-security locks are typically made of hardened steel, making them much more resistant to force and attack than other bolts. High-security locks can withstand excessive force from most methods of breaking in, such as kicking or using tools like hammers or battering rams.

If you don’t invest in high-security locks, these bolts would most likely snap or buckle under force.

Drill Resistance

While some burglars may resort to more desperate means of gaining entry to your business, some offenders are known to use the same techniques as qualified locksmiths to gain entry to your facilities. Drilling out a lock is common, with most cheap locks susceptible to failure if this is attempted.

However, you can rest easy knowing that high-security locks have anti-drill plates that protect the shear line from being attacked.

Metal Content

It’s a fact that most high-security locks are made of much more durable material than other widely available locks; this is because these locks are made with hardened steel and other durable metals. Other weaker locks are typically made of plastics that are easily tampered with.

A good way to measure the quality of a lock is to check the weight; the heavier the lock, the more durable the material.


While we usually associate complexity with a world of pain, in the land of security, complexity is your friend. The more complex the cylinder, the less susceptible it is to force or tampering. While most locks can be picked, a burglar may have a much more difficult time tampering with a high-security lock than the alternative, acting as an effective deterrent to opportunistic thieves.

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