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7 Cottage Security Tips to Follow This Summer

protect your expensive cottage

When it comes to matters regarding cottage security, there are many more things that you need to consider. And burglars will always take advantage of any cottage that isn’t properly secured. Cottages and camps are an easy target for a burglar as they are usually not secured, that’s why it is important to properly secure your cottage or camp.

Anyone who has a cottage or camp has at one point or another had to experience some grief resulting from thievery. Your cottage or camp may be attractive to burglars due to the lack of proper security. Then again, you find that modern technology has had CCTV cameras and other types of home surveillance systems available and affordable. Use them and see burglars and thieves think twice before approaching your cottage. Here is a list of some security tips that may interest you.

  1. Get the best deadbolts

If you’re really serious about securing your cottage, then it’s important that you get the best padlocks for your doors as well. A good, strong deadbolt lock is relatively inexpensive, a very small price to pay for all the valuables in your cottage. Remember, locks aren’t foolproof, but they can still slow down burglars, and the best locks will, in some cases, even deter a burglar from attempting to break-in.

  1. Close your curtains and windows

Whenever you are leaving your cottage, it’s vital that you ensure that all the openings are closed. The windows and doors are locked, and you even have good curtains to block the sight lines to your valuables. Don’t make it easy for burglars to have a look at your belongings from outside your window. A thief will only be attracted to what he/she sees, if your windows are sealed shut and covered with opaque curtains, then you are basically safe.

  1. Install motion detector lights

You can also install good motion detector lights which are mounted out of reach of intruders. Even your neighbours can benefit from the motion detector lights. At least everybody knows in advance that there is a prowler lurking by and everyone keeps their guards up. Have the motion detector lights pointing towards your cottage entrances where they have a full and clear view of anyone accessing your premises.

  1. Install a window guard security bars over your windows

Windows are some of the entry points that burglars also like to use when breaking into a cottage. So, if your cottage has windows, then it would be wise to reinforce them with window guard security bars.

  1. Give your neighbor your contact phone number

Burglars will always strike an empty property. It would be wise to provide your neighbour with your contact phone number to notify you of any intruder lurking about your empty cottage when you are away. A little heads up can help save your valuables from being stolen.

  1. Don’t leave any keys anywhere where they can be found

Never leave your keys anywhere recklessly where anyone can easily access them. Keys to your boat, ATV padlocks, and even home keys should always be kept out of sight of anyone else. Just leaving your keys lying about can also leave your property vulnerable. Thieves have, for a long time, been known for taking key impressions using wax.

  1. Keep your valuables out of sight

Whenever you are leaving your cottage, you need to ensure that all of your valuables are out of sight and reach. You will probably carry with you items such as your laptop and camera. But if you are not, then you need to keep them far out of sight as possible. Put them under your couch or in a place where a burglar won’t bother to look.

For more tips on how to secure your cottage or camp, please contact the locksmith professionals at Lock-Up Services.