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What Proof Does A Locksmith Need Before Providing Services?

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Identifying a customer before unlocking the building and ensuring that they are legally allowed to enter is very important for locksmiths. Whether it is a home, business, or vehicle, security is the number one priority of our locksmiths.

Luckily for you, there are multiple different types of acceptable identifications for locksmiths. These include a driver’s license, any form of photo ID with an address, company records, company ID, bill with name and address, a copy of the lease and more.

Whilst the need for identification makes life slightly harder, many identification options simultaneously make it easier to get back into your building. Safety isn’t meant to be easy but to you and us, it is incredibly important.

Drivers License

A driver’s license is a common proof of identity as it displays your name, current address, and date of birth. Whether a resident or business owner, it is an ideal proof of identity for anyone that needs the services of a locksmith.

Photo ID With Address

Any form of photo ID that includes your address is another form of identification that a locksmith would accept. Examples of these include a passport or an Ontario resident card. As well, you can use a photo ID with proof of address such as a bus pass and a letter with your name and address. This is the easiest combination to achieve when you need to prove your identity.

Company Records

Commercial locksmiths also demand proof of identity that differs slightly from residents. Potential forms of identification include company ID, proof of position, a letter addressed to you at the company, or a copy of the building’s lease (if applicable). Proof of position could include visibility on the company website or a business card that cements your place in the company.

What If I Don’t Have ID On Me?

We may be locksmiths but we are also people. We understand that not everyone carries the appropriate ID with them at all times. Sometimes you are accidentally locked out and sometimes you may not realize what type of ID is necessary.

We are understanding of this and we are more than happy to find a solution with you that retains the safety and security of your building or vehicle. You could contact your landlord, manager, business partner, neighbour, or family to help you in this situation. No ID doesn’t automatically mean no access.

Security Goes Both Ways

While it’s crucial for locksmiths to validate the identification of customers, it’s also important for customers to ensure that they are working with a reputable and trusted locksmithing company.

As part of a scam, people began to commit locksmith fraud to gain access to people’s homes. They advertised themselves as locksmiths on google ads, job boards, etc. Many people contacted them and were the victim of a scam that left them vulnerable.

In order to best protect yourself and your property, it is recommended that you always check the credentials of your locksmith and the company they work for. Some ways in which you can reduce the risk to your safety include asking for proof of ID & certification, Google Ads advanced verification, Better Business Bureau accreditation and more.

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