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How Can I Upgrade My Commercial Door?

How Can I Upgrade My Commercial Door

Whether you’re looking to boost the security of your building, or you’re just in need of a new door, installing a new commercial door on your building will require the expertise of a commercial locksmith in Toronto.

There are many options for commercial door upgrades, including hands-free options, high-tech entrance systems, and heavy-duty doors. To find out more about the different options for a commercial door upgrade, take a look below.

Consider Installing A High-Tech Entrance System

High-tech entrance systems encompass an array of different commercial doors. Many Etobicoke locksmith companies will offer a variety of systems for you to choose from, and will likely consist of the examples below.

  • Biometric access systems – These locks grant your employees access by using biometric recognition. They can be used on both interior and exterior doors and do not require a physical key. Instead, biometric access systems use one of a few modes of access, including fingerprints, iris scans, and facial recognition. As biometrics are unique to each person, this access control system is a highly secure option for your commercial property.
  • Access control and keyless entry systems – This kind of commercial door lock can be installed a Toronto locksmith and negates the need for a key. With key cards or fobs replacing physical keys, these systems are more cost-effective and secure than traditional locks. They also allow for remote usage, meaning you can control who has access to your building and they’re very easy to install. As with biometrics, they can be installed on both interior and exterior doors.
  • Magnetic door locks – If you’re looking for a low-maintenance commercial door lock, we would highly recommend getting magnetic door locks. With few moving parts, they’re difficult to damage and can resist lots of pressure. They offer your building a ton of security and will continue to work even during a power outage.

Get A Heavy-Duty Door

A heavy-duty door is designed to endure frequent use and is an excellent option for buildings with a high volume of foot traffic. You’ll find heavy-duty doors in many commercial settings, including big box stores and loading areas of other retail stores.

They’re usually made from sturdier material than light and medium-duty doors and are reinforced to be durable enough for frequent use. If your building gets little foot traffic and is not used often, there is no need for a heavy-duty door, but if your building experiences large amounts of traffic quite often, a heavy-duty door could be right for you.

Bear in mind that heavy-duty doors do tend to be weightier than light and medium-duty doors, meaning that if it is going to be operated manually, you will need to ensure it is easy enough to open and close by human hands.

Consider Hands-Free And Touchless Options

Since the pandemic, the idea of touchless and hands-free systems has been firmly cemented in our day-to-day lives. If you’re looking to protect people from the transmission of viruses and ensure the health of your employees, you could consider hands-free or touchless door options.

Automatic doors, and other hands-free systems, are perfect for settings where cleanliness is an absolute must. They tend to be triggered by movement and open and close without the need to be pushed or stimulated in any way.

Automatic, touchless, or low-touch doors are also a good option in environments where employees may be moving about with their hands full. Having a door that opens automatically increases safety if people are carrying equipment from place to place.

As we move on from the pandemic, you will find that many companies allow some level of customization with this kind of door. You will likely be able to tailor this low or no-touch solution to the exact environment you’re working in.

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