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Lock-Up Service - Toronto Locksmith

What Proof Does A Locksmith Need Before Providing Services?

Identifying a customer before unlocking the building and ensuring that they are legally allowed to enter is very important for locksmiths. Whether it is a home, business, or vehicle, security is the number one priority of our locksmiths. Luckily for you, there are multiple different types of acceptable identifications for locksmiths. These include a driver’s license, any form of photo ID with an address, company records, company ID, bill with name and address, a copy…

Lock-Up Services - Commercial Locksmith Toronto

Lock Rekeying VS Lock Replacement

Many businesses and homeowners may have heard the phrases ‘lock rekeying’ and ‘lock replacement’. You can guess from them that they affect your lock without knowing much more. This lack of understanding of what both of these terms are and how they impact you can be stressful. It’s hard to make the right decision for your building without complete knowledge. To break it down simply, lock rekeying is a more streamlined process that results in…